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    Mini Quantum Magnetic Resonance Health Analyzer (A002)
  • Model No:
  • A002
  • Product Type:
  • Beauty analyzer
  • Place of origin:
  • China
  • Price Terms:
  • Payment Terms:
  • TT or Western Union
  • Package:
  • Carton case
  • Minimum Order:
  • 1pc
  • Delivery Time:
  • 5 business days
  • Brand Name:
Products Information
Mini Quantum Magnetic Resonance Health Analyzer (A002)
1. Mini Subhealth analyzer
2. Prevent diseases
3. Non-invasive and painless
4. 36 health reports
5. Archive customer's data and print report

The quantum resonant magnetic analyzer is a new instrument to analyze such phenomenon. The weak magnetic frequency and energy of human body are collected by holding the sensor, and after amplification by the instrument and treatment by the built-in micro-processor, the data are compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum of diseases, nutrition and other indicators incorporated in the instrument to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular using the Fourier approach. Analysis and judgment can thus be made on health condition and main problems of the testee based on the result of waveform analysis, as well as standard protective and curative proposals.
Prediction without symptoms: With only 10 or so cells of pathological change, the analyzer can capture the change pathological changes of cells and predict the precursor of disease.
Speed and accuracy: Multiple indicators of your health can be obtained within minutes, save your time and energy.
Non-invasive and painless: The analysis will tell you the condition of your health without hemanalysis or radiography.
Simple and convenient: easy operation; can analyze & interpret the result through short-term training; Health check can be performed in any place and at any time.
Analysis reports
01. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
02. gastrointestinal function
03. liver function
04. gallbladder function
05. pancreatic function
06. kidney function
07. lung function
08. brain nerve
09. bone disease
10. bone mineral density
11. rheumatoid bone disease
12. blood sugar
13. basic physical quality
14. human toxin
15. trace slement
16. endocrine systerm
17. immune systerm
18. gynecology
19. skin
20. breast
21. element of human
22. amino acid
23. heavy metals
24. male sexual function
25. prostate
26. allergen
27. eye
28. obecity
29. vitamin
30. bone growth index
31. coenzyme
32. Channels and collaterals
33. Pulse of heart and brain
34. Blood lipids
35. Sperm and semen
36. Menstrual cycle
Operation steps
1. Connect the system to a PC with data wire (USB interface). Insert the optical disk and install the encryption software.
2. Insert the encryption key to PC (USB interface).then run the software and fill in the information of patient. Such as name, age, weight, etc
3. Let the patient hold the sensor close to his/her heart and stay calm.
4. Run the system by software, the detection time for l minute
5. Get the result which contains 17 reports and suggestions to the patient.
6. The results can be printed on a paper directly.
People not suitable to use this machine
1. Children below 12 years 
2. Handicap person
3. Those that have pacemakers or any other electronic device in the body 
4. Under Long Term Medication
5. Women having their Monthly Menstruation
Guidelines to Patients
1. Test should be conducted 1 hour before or after meal
2. Rest at least 1/2 hour after exercise
3. Remove all metallic objects, hand phone, pocket PC etc
4. Remove shoes & socks; Reveal all the 24 testing points around the wrists and ankles
5. Stay calm, relax, do not talk. Lie down if possible or sit with legs elevated, both legs away from the ground
6. Ladies should not take up the test during her menstrual period. 
7. Patients who have pacemakers are prohibited from doing this test
Main Body X1
detecting handle X1
Software CD X1
USB Softdog  X1
USB Cable X1
User Manual X1
Voltage: AC220V/110V
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Packing size: 18.6*12.3*4.8CM
Payment terms
-Sample Charge: T/T or Western Union
-30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipping
Packing and shipping
-Standard Export Carton with fully Polyfoam or Pearl Wool
-Delivery within 5 to 15 working days upon receiving payment
-Lifetime with professional engineer support.
-Within 1 year, supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem.

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