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is a professional supplier of E light beauty equipment, IPL beauty machine,Laser beauty equipment,Facial beauty machine,Slimming beauty equipment,RF beauty machine and other beauty equipments. Welcome to visit and inquire.
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We are leading supplier of household beauty equipment in China. We offer mini untrasonic equipment, photon LED light equipment and other houshold beauty equipments. All our household beauty equipments can be offered at wholesale price. Welcome to inquire.
  • H022

    Handheld Tattoo Freckle Removal Mole Dark Spot Remover Picosecond Laser Pen (H022)

  • H023

    Microcurrent Vibration Galvanic Skin Massager (H023)

  • H030

    5 in 1 Photon EMS RF Electroporation machine (H030)

  • H040B

    Comedo suction rechargeable mini diamond dermabrasion (H040B)

  • H040B

    Home use LCD screen black head removal machine (H040A)

  • H024

    7 Color photon ultrasonic facial massager (H024)

  • H033

    RF Cavi color photon ultrasonic beautiful skin instrument (H033)

  • H016

    Mini hifu machine for home use (H016)

  • H042

    LCD screen EMS Ion ultrasonic skin scrubber (H042)

  • H041

    Ultrasonic skin scrubber (H041)

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