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    Lipo laser body sculpting slimming machine (S078)
  • Model No:
  • S078
  • Product Type:
  • Slimming beauty equipment
  • Place of origin:
  • China
  • Price Terms:
  • FOB,CIF,EXW price
  • Payment Terms:
  • TT or Western Union
  • Package:
  • Carton or Wooden case
  • Minimum Order:
  • 1pc
  • Delivery Time:
  • within 7 business days after payment
  • Brand Name:
Products Information

Lipo laser body sculpting slimming machine (S078)
6 big treatment pads
2 small treatment pads

Work Principle of Lipo laser machine:
The Laser-lipolysis emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body to the tissues that will use them during metabolism to create energy. This process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to used stored energy reserves, thus Laser-lipolysis is not creating any unnatural reaction in the body nor does it affect or damage any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. A period of exercise post treatment will ensure the complete metabolism and thus elimination from the body of the freed fatty acids.
Applications of Lipo laser machine:
1. Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat
2. Excess fat cell melted
3. Body slimming, cellulite reduction
4. Smooth fatigue
5. Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
6. Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism
Features of lipo laser machine:
1. Pain free, no surgery and have no side effect
2. FDA approved technology
3. Complete safely and efficiently 
4. Non - invasive, fat reduction and body shaping
5. Cold, low laser

Installation Alignment and operation procedures:
Open the Package and connect all parts.
lipo laser installation

1). Turn the key on the key switch and urgency Buttom to power on the machine, and the led on the screen will display.
2).Adjust the timer for big probe,then press On to make 6 piece big probe working.
3).Press the on/off button to control the small probe working.
lipo laser control panel
Cleanse the skin, Put the Lipolaser probe to body where you want lost fat.then use a belt keep the pad to body.
lipo laser
lipo laser machine
You relax in a comfortable position while a trained LipoLaser technician places two multi-laser paddles and two smaller lasers to the target areas. Then lay back, relax, read, or whatever you like.

Model S078 Lipo Laser slimming machine
Laser wave length Laser diode AlGaInp 635-650nm
Maximum output power 400W
Single Output 50mW
Laser energy output 5 grade adjustable
Output Probe 6 paddles(total 60 diode laser)
2 paddles (total 2 diode laser)
Numbers of Diode laser 62
Working time 30minutes
Cooling system air cooling+ wind system
Environmental conditions
of use
Temperature: +10oC-35oC
Relative humidity: 30/80%(without condensation)
Pressure atmosferica: 70/105Kpa
Operation Interface Color LCD screen
Voltage  220V / 50Hz or 110v / 60Hz
Pakcge Size 52*52*32 cm
Weight N.W:8.0KG,G.W 14KG
Certification CE LVD,CE EMC

FAQ about lipo laser machine:

1.Is Lipo Laser Safe?
Yes, Lipolaser treatments are completely non-invasive and clients feel nothing. LipoLaser s low level laser technology has been studied and used for over 30 years for many biomedical purposes. FDA approved for pain and inflammation, doctors can use it for fat loss .

2.Do I have to do other things to lose the fat?
Only for bigger results - 1 inches without changes, 5inches with major lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise we have support if you choose to change your life while doing the sessions.

3.What do you do to keep the fat off?
Normal things you need to keep weight off diet and exercise, drinking water, etc.

4.Where Does the Fat Go?
That fat can be burned as energy in the body, or normal metabolic processing just like when you exercise and release fat.

5.How Quickly Will I See Results?
Many clients see measureable results after their first session.

6.What Kind of Results are Produced?
1-5 inches average-the most lost in 9 sessions is 23 inches. People who make minor lifestyle changes, are on the higher end of the average, and those who don t, the lower end.

7.How many times do I need it ?
3 times per week,9times per course of treatment.

Payment terms
-Sample Charge: T/T or Western Union
-30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipping
Packing and shipping
-Standard Export Carton with fully Polyfoam or Pearl Wool
-Delivery within 5 to 15 working days upon receiving payment
-Lifetime with professional engineer support.
-Within 1 year, supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem.

Treatment before and after:
lipo laser treatment before and after

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