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Herb Hydrotherapy Sitting SPA Capsule for sale (SPA010)

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    Detox, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Whiten

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    TT, Western Union, Moneygram

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    1 year

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Product Information

Herb Hydrotherapy Sitting SPA Capsule for sale (SPA010)
1. Sitting style SPA capsule
2. Ozone sterilization
3. Aromatherapy or Herb therapy

This is a brand new design combined with health care, recuperation and body shaping. Fumigation with high temperature has curative effects on the spine, joints, stimulate the blood circulation and cause the muscles and joints to relax as well as relieve pain. With natural skin care stuff such as essence oil. milk , honey etc. it improves the dark. rough skin effectively. Both your skin and your health will benefit a lot from this equipment.

1. Steam Sauna
It can increase of blood & lymph circulation, detoxification, sauna effect to increase perspiring, recommended for slimming. With such effects as skin-pore opening, toxin expelling and skin care. It is useful for body-functions adjustment, anti-aging, skin beautification, weight loss and body building.
2. Aromatherapy (Aroma steam bath); Herb therapy
With essential oil applied, it creates a fragrant atmosphere, which may relax both your body and mind .and enable bath you to recover from fatigue and full of vigor.
3. Photon therapy
Chromotherapy provide the efficacy of reducing the stress and relaxing and improving the skin condition for the human body from the medical aspect.
4. Ozone sterilization
The full automatic ozone sterilization guarantees the uses safety and sanitation. Recommended use after every treatment
5. Music therapy
With USB music player, the special SPA music enables you relax both your body and recover from fatigue while listening to the melody.

1.The mainframe case is made from Acrylic unibody,never fading & deform.
2.Touching computer board to control constant temperature,the temperature can be adjustable
3.Medical steam fumigation pot can boil herbal medicine
4.Automatic Ozone sterilization: Ozone device on the machine for automatic disinfection, to avoid cross-infection, make the cabin clean.
5.MP3 player system,listen to nice music while treatment.
6.LED light photon: colorful LED lights, creating a relaxed atmosphere.
7.Spray shower: push type shower can wash the whole body, and wash the inner part of cabin easily.
8.Foot massager: to stimulate the points of feet, relax the whole body.
9.Automatic or manual water: connect the water pipe, turn on the machine, then it will add water automatically.Without water pipe we also can add water manually, just pour water into the stove directly .
10.Castor with brakes can move easily
11.Humanization design,There is armrest inside, thus your hands can put out for reading,drinking scented tea.Enjoy SPA easily.
12.Preposition board to put cup: customers can drink tp rehydrate during treatment.
13.The machine is big size,inside space is large enough for big guy,the knees will not touch the mainframe case

1. Don't swash the spa capsule hull with water; it may inflow into the electrical part and cause short circuit and damage. We could clean it with wet towel softly.
2. We could use disinfectant fluid and clean water for the capsule's inner part cleaning.
3. Clean the steam engine each 3-6 months with acetic acid or citric acid in low content.
4. Turn off the power if you don't use for a long time.
5. Start the ozone sterilization function when there is nobody in the cabinet.
Technical Parameters:
Material: Acrylic
Color: white
Voltage: 220V /110V 
Maximum Power: 2500W
Rate electriccurrent: 13.6A
Ozone unit: 25mg/hour
Temperature adjustment: 0-90°C
Working principle: Steam sauna
LED light: red,blue,green,yellow,purple
Product Size: 143*73*130 cm
Packing size: 148x78x135CM
N.W: 70KG
G.W: 110kg

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