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9 inch digital beauty salon skin analyzer 2020 for hair and skin testing (A004)

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    Skin and hair analysis

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    TT or Western Union

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    1 year

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    5-7 days after payment

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Product Information

9 inch digital beauty salon skin analyzer 2020 for hair and skin testing (A004)
1. high definition with 2 lenses
2. 9 inch screen to show the skin and hair images
3. Rechargeable type

This beautiful scanner is easy to carry. And you could adjust the scanner with the remote controller. It has high definition, so beauticians could test customers' skin and hair condition clearly and then give their customers appropriate treatment.
Testing range :
1. For skin: we could see the status of the skin. Is it oily, dry or neutral
2. For hair: hair follicles clogging / excessive oil secretion / bacterial
Skin testing Description:
1. 50X lens: the nature of the skin test and daily show symptoms.

General skin leather trench thickness varies irregularly shaped
Dry skin leather trench fine texture than the clutter
Oily skin fine pores; oily texture is not obvious
Aging skin texture disappeared mostly in one direction
Acne-type skin sebum accumulation in the pores
Sensitive skin The skin is thin, prone to stimulate micro vascular expansion
Face gown type skin sebum accumulation in the pores, inflamed by bacterial infection,   causing purulent
Pigmented skin hyper pigmentation, gathered into a patchy

2. 200X lens: detection of the nature of hair and daily show symptoms, such as hair follicles clogging / excessive oil secretion / bacterial infection.

1. Natural light, adopt Japanese import high - resolution CCD sensor image.
2. Interchangeable lens can detect skin surface oil, water, pigment, pore, elasticity, collagen, acne, etc.
3. Can freeze frame image screen, with zoom in and out of the image function of the system.
4. Can detect fingernails, skin, blackheads, whiskers, acne marks, insects, leaves, prints, jade grain and ceramics.
5. Use 50X lens for skin detection and 200X lens for hair detection.
6. Nursing hair follicle, targeted care of hair follicle, care for your health.
7. Main functions: skin detection (epidermal texture, dermal pigment, whitehead acne, blackhead, etc.); pore size testing: examination by electron microscope, area testing by computer; skin roughness: digital measurement; skin pigmentation: greasy, red, skin pigment, skin spots, etc.

Voltage: 110-220V
Screen size: 9 inch

Built-in Battery Type: Battery
Built-in Battery Capacity: 600mah
Lens: 200 times 50 times
Pixels: 6 million
GW: 3KG/pc
Packing size: 32x25x20cm

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