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G5 vibrating body massager slimming machine (S046)

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    weight loss, body shaping

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    TT, Western Union, Moneygram

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    1 year

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    3-7 business days after payment

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Product Information

G5 vibrating body massager slimming machine (S046)

1. 5 applicators: large sponge, curved sponge, multiple-prong, 4-ball, and pointed-tip
2. Five different shape massage head for different therapeutic area
3. Intensity and time adjustable
4. Traditional and effective physic treatment slimming machine

These unique Massage Devices (G-5 Slimming Unit/machine) obtain deep results and resolve besetting tensions.
Massages are more effective than manual massages or those with regular devices.
They only demand a minimum of strength for a maximum of results and various tips make them applicable to the whole body.
With stepless adjustment possibilities you can treat your customers aimed and individually, ensuring they are going to come back.
This stylish genuine G5 offers you the innovative 'directional stroking' facility. This patented adaptor changes orbital massage action into a tangential stroking which you will find assists the movement of surface body fluids to help Lymphatic Drainage. Now your treatments will not only include the benefits of the traditional vibration and percussion movements, but also the added benefits achieved by this unique adaptor. This system is easy to use with many standard and additional features.
• Stylish modern design
• Supplied with five applicator heads
• Speed control
• Comes with caster-stand and tray
• Long smooth drive shaft
• Massage skin in both directions rolling
1. Fabricate the device.
2. Choose appurtenances, vibration strength and time as your need.
3. The appurtenances can be changed as your need.
4. Before massage, do some warm-up exercise and have sauna are better. Use some massage oil and talcum powder. Use neat and soft tau at first. Use hand to push muscle when tau is moving.

a) Relief of muscle pains and spasms in muscle contusions, sprain and strain.
b) It can increase the blood circulation and massage for the whole body. And also to sid in the prevention of muscle.
c) To aid in breaking down adhesions between superficial and deep tissues. And help your skin more elasticity.
Product details:


Power 350W
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60Hz
Packing size 102x44x42cm
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