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3 zone detox far Infrared sauna blanket (S077)

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    body shaping, cellulite removal

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    TT, Western Union, Moneygram

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    1 year

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Product Information

3 Zone Detox Far Infrared Sauna Blanket (S077)
1. It has Velcro for closure
2. 3 separate channels for different heat setting and time
3. Digital Multi-level control box with timer
4. lower blood pressure, burn calories, sweat out toxins

The Infrared Sauna Blanket is new blanket design which acts to provide a complete sauna experience similar to the conventional sauna. However, the Infrared Sauna Bag is portable and easy to clean, allowing for greater flexibility when traveling, and provides the comfort of home while on the road. The Direct heat from the blanket allows for gentle radiant relaxation of the muscles and controlled perspiration.
3 Zone temperature control make above body, lower body and waist to loss weight separate or make whole body loss weight together.

1. Keep beauty: Promote blood circulation ,accelerate metabolism .strength muscle nutrient ,it also active cell and eliminate heavy ions and toxin .
2. Weight loss: accelerate metabolism .so as to make the cell of fat are break down quickly .
3. Body shaping: It can let skin to absorb the nutrient and inside the skin .Make the skin smooth and beauty .
4. Keep health: Improve Insomnia, constipation , endocrine dyscrasia and arthritis .Improve human immunity .

1.Safety-water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position
2.Safety-The heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends
3.Outside are top grade PU material,inside are waterproof PVC
4.Three zone-temperature control
5.Temperature can be adjusted from 35-80 celsius,and the time can be set up from 0-90 minutes
6.Three zones Infrared output with independent control in temperature.
7.Long and wide cover design,which is suitable for most customers.
8.Velcro design for practical and convenient use.
9.Advanced controller with micro-computer program and digital display.
10.Multi-control temperature adjustment: speedy increase and accurated control in temperature,reduction in electricity consumption.
11.Exclusive heat releases with 9~16μm infrared rays.

Technical parameters:
1. Rated Voltage: AC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz or AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz(optional)
2. Rated Power: 600W
3. Maximum Time: 90 minutes
4. Maximum Temperature: 80℃
5. Infrared Release: 9~16μm
6. Infrared Output: 3 zones
7. Machine Dimension: 21cm(L)X24cm(W)x13cm(H)
8. Blanket Dimension: 180cm(L)X160CM(W)
9. Packing Dimension: 48cm(L)x44cm(W)x36cm(H)
10. Gross.Weight: 10KG
11. Material: Waterp-roof PVC material inside the blanket, Water-proof soft marterial outside the blanket

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