Why choose hydrofacial treatment for skin rejuvenation? | IDEAL BEAUTY

Why choose hydrofacial treatment for skin rejuvenation? | IDEAL BEAUTY

Hydrofacial treatment has become more and more popular due to its incredible and instant results in even-toned, glowing skin. This amazing treatment just takes about 30 minutes to finish. This article will help you find out why everyone loves this breakthrough skin rejuvenation treatment.

Guangzhou IDEAL beauty equipment Co., ltd is a professional hydro facial machine manufacturer. Hydrofacial therapy is non-invasive, gentle but effective. It is helpful for various kinds of skin problems, including large pores, breakouts, wrinkles, and thinning skin.

What is hydrofacial?

Hydrofacial is a powerful, non-invasive but effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. With a good hydrofacial machine, it deliver exfoliation, cleansing, extraction and hydration to the face. Hydrofacial treatment consists of 4 steps: vortex cleansing and exfoliating by hydra peel tips, gentle chemical peel, vacuum suction extraction and hydrating serum. Hydrafacial treatments is gentle enough that you can have additional procedures such as LED light therapy.

What are the benefits of hydrofacial treatment?

1. Suitalbe for all skin types

No matter oily and acne-prone, dry and flaky, sensitive skin or combination skin, you will benefit from the hydrofacial treatment.

2. No downtime

The hydrofacial treatment just takes about 30 minutes to complete, and it doesn't need downtime after treatment. You can get back to normal activities or put on makeup immediately if you like—though most clients enjoy the glow result so much that they don't want to cover it up.

3. Can be used in conjunction with other treatment

Hydrofacial is non-invasavie and gentle, so you can have other beautifying procedure such as LED therapy, laser treatment to achieve your ideal aesthetic goals.

4. Fully customizable

Your esthetician can add different skin boosters such as the Brightalive boost or the Growth factor boost according to your unique skin needs and aesthetic goals. Besides, the vacuum suction power is adjustable. You can have more gentle in delicate areas, such as the eye area.

What can hydrofacial treatment do?

1. face rejuvenation

2. wrinkle removal

3. pigment removal

4. acne treatment

5. anti-aging

6. skin moisturizing

7. face lifting

8. nutrient import

9. dark circles removal

How often should I get one hydrofacial treatment?

If you never had a hydrofacial treatment in the past, we suggest begin with 2-4 times a month for about 3 months. Once you've established a better baseline of skin, you can have the treatment once a month.

Hydrofacial treatment Before and After

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