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Guangzhou Ideal beauty equipment Co.,ltd is capable of providing a quality range of LCD screen EMS Ion ultrasonic skin scrubber (H042). Our technical team has many years of experience in this field and can provide professional opinions, suggestions and solutions experience. When customers encounter technical problems, they can provide door-to-door service. In essence, product performance and its quality are largely decided by its raw materials. In terms of raw materials of LCD screen EMS Ion ultrasonic skin scrubber (H042), they have gone through plenty of tests on their chemical components and performance. In this way, the EMSCULPT machine, velashape machine, cryolipolysis machine, pressotherapy, RF cavitation machine, hydro facial machine quality is guaranteed from the source.

Type:Skin ScrubberOperation System:Ultrasonic
Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:IDEAL
Model Number:H042Feature:DEEP CLEANSING, Exfoliators, Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation
Certification:CEProduct name:LCD screen EMS Ion ultrasonic skin scrubber
Screen display:LCD screenTheory:Ultrasonic + ION + EMS
Material:ABSFunction:Deep cleaning, wrinkle removal
Application:home use, beauty salonPower:3W
GW:9KG (10pcs per carton)Carton size:42x27x37cm (10pcs per carton)

LCD screen EMS Ion ultrasonic skin scrubber (H042)

1. Recharge Type

2. Sonic skin cleaning

3. Ion lead in and lead out

4. EMS anti-wrinkle & whitening

5. LCD screen display


“Skin care begins with cleansing and end with cleaning”, even the best product cannot come into play its skin care effect if it is be applied on the unclean skin and skin will lose its transparent felling , the problems of acne, slack and black spot will appear as time going. The use of conditional cleaning method like needle or vacuo absorb will lead to large pore or skin slack.

It is specialized use for deep clean impurities inside the pore. Transcending the previous sole sonic cleaner, it is special add electroporation current which has strong permeating function, it can help to clean skin deeply. Through high frequency vibrations, skin scrubber beauty device can carry out deep- massage, which will promote the motion of fat while improving the micro circulation, stimulate the combustion, splitting and conversion of the lipocyte into metabolite and further discharge out of the body so as to achieve cleansing effects. By adopting shovel-type tip, it can go deep into the skin by 3~7cm, thin and atomize the dedicated beauty lotion through acoustical oscillation to emulsify the filth and redundant sebum, the leftovers of the makeup in the pores and sweat scale and eliminate along with the splashed water. As a fastest and most effective cleansing method, it can remove filth, corneum, fat granule and acne etc., make the skin with better absorption. It is the most effective way for cleansing skin and to make skin more health and bright.



1. Sonic deep cleaning

An operation way of 45 degree angle shall be adopted to accelerate the metabolism of epidermic cells and renew its normal upgrading rate, enhance the shedding of the aged and irregular aberrant cells, soften the keratin, reorder the epidermic cells while restoring the skin elasticity and reverting to a firm, smooth and delicate skin.

2. Ion leading out

This device adopts the theory of  being repulsive for like charges and attractive for unlike charges. Sonic add ion current, by means of Galvanic static current, it can resolve the pigment and make the resolved melanin into kidney through blood vessel or lymph-vessel in the process of blood circulation and expel from human body along with urine, so as to gain effect of reducing black spot and replacing water.

3. ION leading in

Ion leading in function is to lead in serum to speed up water and nutrient transfer, enhance cell permeability, improve skin moisture , diminish dark and gloomy, whitening skin. It can enhance absorption of serum to 4 times.

4.EMS Electroporation anti-wrinkle and whitening

EMS electroporation technology has the most stronger permeating function, the comfortable current go through your skin, it stimulate hypodermis to achieve effect of activating cell, stimulating collagen shrink and recombination as well as regeneration of new collagen to make skin more firm, vigor and elastic, and renew younger skin. It can lead in nutrition into deep skin  to gain effect of skin whitening and removing wrinkle.

5. Pad massage and anti-wrinkle

The high vibration and warm effect of this device can promote blood circulation inside the dermis , speed up lymphatic return, help to discharge the toxin, eliminate aging cell and avoid stacking of horn cell so as to restore skin elastic , soften collagen , make skin tender and rosy , tightening skin and reduce wrinkles.


1. Deeply clear and clean up aged horniness.

2. Reduce melanin to get a whiten skin.

3. In-depth eliminates the wrinkle, strengthens the skin elasticity.

4. Improve blood circulation and lymph metabolism.

5. Strengthen the skin cell reproductive property and the permeability.

6. Accelerate the absorption of nutrition.


Treatment steps:

1. For the first time to use ultrasonic & ionic skin cleaner, please charge for two hours. Please take away the upper cover and connect the charger base with power. The indicator will be in red light. After charged, the indicator will switch off.

2. Before use ultrasonic & ionic skin cleaner, please wash your face and smear some cosmetic water to soften cutin.

3. Ultrasonic +Ion Cleaning

Please clean the stainless steel head firstly and press switch on, the ultrasonic indicator will light. It shows that the stainless steel head have multi-function with ultrasonic vibration and ion lead-out together. Ultrasonic & Ionic Skin Cleaner can mist the dirt in the skin and clean the skin thoroughly.

4.Ultrasonic and Ionic cleaning for skin

Please clean the stainless steel head firstly and smear some lotions or water on the skin and switch on the ultrasonic & ionic skin cleaner. Please move the ultrasonic stainless steel as shown in the figure(for forehead, "T" part or underjaw etc). Please move the stainless steel head slowly. We can see some little spray produced while moving. If the water is not enough, we need to add more water After misted the fat and dirt in the skin, the spray will dissipate so the skin is deeply cleaned. Dark head and acne are decomposed and discharged. The treatment time should be in 3 minutes.

5.Ultrasonic Pat and Ion Lead-in

After cleaned the face, please use the cotton pad to clean the face again. Please smear some lotion or cosmetic water and press "switch on" button of the ultrasonic & ionic skin clear twice. The indicator will light. It shows that the ultrasonic pat function is opened. And then press the ion button twice, the lead-in button indicator light, the ionic function is working. Ultrasonic & Ionic Skin Cleaner have the multi-function with ultrasonic pat and ion lead-in. Turn the stainless steel head in back direction and touch the skin, ultrasonic & ionic skin cleaner can lead in nutrition to the skin smoothly.


Usage Notice:

1.It should hold the conductive bar both side when use sonic ion cleaning function or ion pad function, otherwise, ion function cannot use at the same time.

2.It has slight pad sounds when closely contact the peeler on the face, massage and pad from inside to outside, from bottom to upper face, it can ionized the serum, promote serum absorption , improve blood circulation and enhance skin elasticity. 5 minutes preferred.

3. Press switch after using to turn off the device.

4.Cleaning or pad with peeler must against the pore direction which as show on the figure.

5 It must hold the metal conductive bar on both side when use ion function.

6 It should keep stainless peeler and device clean during operation, disinfection and clean.

7.The operation must be used in coordination with skin care products and the shovel-type tip shall be free of empty burning. It shall not be exceed 10minutes in use each time.

8.The charging time is 2 hours, and it will stop automatically in 10 minutes. Serum is not easy to be penetrated and absorbed by skin in case of thick cutin The fair and delicate skin will appear immediately under the effect of supersonic.



Input:AC100-240V  50/60Hz

Adaptor output:DC 5V 1A

Power: 3W

Matetrial of body: ABS

Material of probe: Stainless steel

Rechargeable: Yes

Screen: LCD display

Carton size: 42x27x37cm (10pcs per carton)

GW: 9KG (10pcs per carton)


Product display:


Payment terms:
-Sample Charge: T/T or Western Union

-30% deposit before production, 70% balance before shipping
Packing and shipping:
-Standard Export Carton with fully Polyfoam or Pearl Wool

-Delivery within 5 to 15 working days upon receiving payment
-Lifetime with professional engineer support.

-Within 1 year, supply spare parts for free if the machine has quality problem.

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