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Utilizing technology makes the manufacturing process go smoothly and efficiently.With regard to the product advantages, the product can be widely found in the field(s) of 6 in 1 EMS slimming massager photon BIO microcurrent ultrasound machine with magic gloves (H035A). After years of growth and development, we have been mastering the manufacturing technologies maturely. As its advantages continue to be discovered, it is continually used in more field(s) such as Other Home Use Beauty Equipment. Guangzhou Ideal beauty equipment Co.,ltd adhere to the corporate spirit of 'pragmatism & innovation' and aim to create benefits for our stakeholders. Driven by the fierce competition in the market, Guangzhou Ideal beauty equipment Co.,ltd hold a firm belief that we must focus on R&D and develop new technologies to adapt to the market trends.

Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:IDEAL BEAUTY
Model Number:H035AType:Home use, rechargeable or plug-in
Feature:Skin Tightening, Pore Remover, Cellulite Reduction, Moisturizer, DEEP CLEANSING, Face Lift, Nourishing, Acne Treatment, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover, Lightening, Skin RejuvenationWarranty:1 Year
Name:6 in 1 EMS slimming massager BIO microcurrent ultrasound machineUltrasonic frequency:1MHZ
Theory:Ultrasonic,Galvanic,EMS, photonLED color:4 (red, green, blue, composite)
Input voltage:5V/ 2ABattery capacity:1500Mah
Lamp number:36pcsPacking size:262*192*72mm
GW:1KGOperation System:Ultrasonic
Application:For Home UseCertification:ce
After-sales Service Provided:Online support

6 in 1 EMS slimming massager photon BIO microcurrent ultrasound machine with magic gloves (H035A)
1. EMS stimulation
2. 4 color LED photon
3. 1Mhz ultrasonic
4. Ion in and out
5. BIO microcurrent with gloves

1. Ultrasonic massage and slimming function
The massager probe creates ultrasonic vibration up to the speed of 1,000,000 times per second. This mode is best for body care. It has effects on skin mainly in two ways:Mechanical and heat action (Physical) and chemical action. The ultrasonic vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 times per second can bring changes of volume and movement to every cell, thus have an effect of fine massager. This is called cellular massager. Cellular massager can activate and adjust cell membrane, at the same time enhance the permeability of skin surface. Its heat action, physical and chemical action can increase the deep skin temperature by 0.5-1C, which can benefit for absorption of skin care serums and medicines, accelerate metabolism and enhance the regeneration of fat and evacuation of tissue waste, repair lymph and capillary vessels, thus promoting body slimming. Furthermore, ultrasonic can introduce nutrients deep into skin

2. LED renew skin function
Blue light: 455-470nm, blue light has calm and anti-acne effect, it can adjust sebum secretion condition. In addition, blue light also improve flabby skin, to accomplish tightening and firming skin.
Red light: 620-630nm, red light can stimulate fibroblast of corium layer, accelerate the blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, remove wrinkles.

Green light: 525-535nm, green light has the effects of neutralization, balancing and calming, it can ease strain, dredge lymph and useful in edema elimination.

3. EMS Stimulation Function
Using micro-current massage, under this mode, the current stimulated muscles. tomake muscle exercise, and consume surrounding fat, sugarsand carbohydrates. Under normal movement, muscle only can subsume 60-70 joules per second, but under this high-frequency movement by EMS, there will consume up to 3000-4000 joule per second, so that make your body sliming quicklyand effectively.

4.Magic gloves massage function
Electrode gloves can improve body circulation and the absorption ability of cells. At the same time, it can care hand. So it can slimming and care your body at the same time.

5. Galvanic in/ out:
It can form a weak electric field between skin surface and germinal layer, temporarily break the skin barrier layer, remove dirt from pores with the principle of [Opposites Attract] and conduct essences of different functions (such as acne removing, moisturizing, whitening and wrinkles resisting) into deep skin with the principle of [homogeneous repellent]. Replenish effective ingredients into skin which may accumulate surrounding skin cells as [ion cluster], promote cells to constantly absorbe essences with the absorbent concentration several and dozens times of higher than extending or oral take.
In addition, positive electrode can generate acid action with the functions of tranquilizing nerves, dropping blood supply in skin, strengthen the fiber tissue of skin, shrinking pores and relieving reddish skin. It is applicable for allergic skin and acne. Negative electrode can generate alkali action, stimulate nerves, promote blood circulation, soften fiber tissue and strengthen firmness, and is applicable for dry and ageing skin with slow metabolism.

1. Ultrasonic vibration with 1000,000 times/s, promote skin absorption and activate skin cells.
2. Positive ions lead out dirt, grease, keep skin clean and fresh. Negative ions lead in nutrition, nourish and moisturize skin.
3. EMS pads has micro current stimulation, can stimulate muscles and consume surrounding fat, sugars and carbohydrates for keeping your body slimming.
4. LED photon therapy, combines green, blue and red LED light to dilute dullness, remove acne, eliminate wrinkle and restore skin elasticity.
5. Electrode silver fiber gloves, shaping body and improve circulation.
6. Three levels and five modes to adjust.
7. Easily operate, comfortable hand feeling.
8. Use together skin care gel, body slimming gel.
9. It's not only applicable on face shaping, but also on body slimming.


Color Rose gold or white
Input voltage 5V 2A
Lamp number 36pcs
Battery capacity 1500maH
LED color 4 (Green, blue, red and mixed)
Feature Ultrasonic, EMS, iontophoresis, ion export, Led light
Packing size 28x21x10cm
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